Ox Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Ox Chinese Zodiac
Friday's New Moon will bring the month of the Rooster to a close, while ushering in the month of the Dog. With there is likely to be a sense of anticipation and excitement, this puts you in a situation where you don't want one to end, but you can't wait for the other to begin. This is usually a dilemma for you, but this year you have the perfect solution. For the Ox, the month of the Rooster is the most adventurous month of any lunar year. The Rooster and Ox are not just the best of friends, the Rooster gives you the courage to move out of your comfort zone. The month of the Dog on the other hand is a competitive and professionally focused month, but also a month where the Ox can really thrive. The dilemma you normally face is that you have to sacrifice the adventurous month of the Rooster in order to embrace new professional opportunities. For the first time in 12 years the month of the Rooster falls during the Year of the Rooster and you don't have to give up anything.

2017 - Year of the Rooster
The first thing most of us want to know when the Chinese New Year comes around is, will this be a good year for me. No year is inherently ‘good’ or ‘bad’, especially as opportunities can come disguised as challenges and challenges as opportunities. Also what we make of something will determine how a year will be experienced. That being said the answer is yes, this is likely to be a good year for you.

In the Year of the Rooster you not only have a friend, but a fan. The Rooster adores you. The Ox is everything the Rooster admires and everything he aspires to be. The Rooster respects hard work and taking responsibility, everything inherent in the Ox’s DNA. The Rooster prides himself in being the hardest working of all the barnyard animals. He’s up at the crack of dawn and if it wasn’t for him crowing, the Sun itself wouldn’t come up. The Rooster is very vigilant, is always on the job and abhors laziness. Yet when the Ox returns to the barn at night, after a hard day in the fields, the Rooster can only look on in awe, knowing he could never work that hard.

For the rest of us the Rooster will be on our backs, urging us to roll up our sleeves, work harder and get things done. But when the Year of the Rooster comes along, the Rooster doesn’t look for ways to work the Ox harder, he looks for ways to lighten his load. The Ox and Rooster aren’t just friends, the Rooster brings fun, play, color, creativity and even romance into your life. This isn’t exactly a lucky year for love, but anything the Rooster can do to make his friend the Ox happy, he’ll work tirelessly to make it happen.

This isn’t just a good year for matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative, you will find that the Rooster makes everything flow more smoothly. You’re likely to find that people are there to help, that when you need something the right person appears at the right times. They may as well arrive with a badge that says ‘sent by the Rooster’. Expect to thrive professionally as well, with the year getting off to a lucrative start. Midyear there is something special happening on the relationship front.

About the Ox
You are likely to be tolerant, dependable, scrupulous and hard-working. You will be happiest in your own home and have a real love of gardening and outdoor activities.

The patience of the Ox is proverbial. Calm and dependable, they like to take things slow and steady, including romantic relationships. Oxen are not likely to flaunt open declarations of love, for their passions are not easily roused. Love grows over long periods of time, but once cultivated, is not likely to diminish.

They have a strong sense of traditionalism and can be at times, extremely conservative. They are generally dogmatic and tend to resist change. They prefer to do things how they have always done it, although an Ox is industrious and always finishes a task that has been started. They are especially tireless if it helps they loved ones.

Despite they stubbornness and occasional dictatorial behavior, Oxen are generally honest and loyal creatures.

Compatible: Snakes & Roosters
Incompatible: Goats
Strained: Dogs & Tigers

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