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Capricorn Horoscope
While this year has many themes running through it, for you the most powerful and important theme is an extraordinary opportunity to take back your personal power. Pluto, the planet of change and revolution has been in Capricorn since 2008, calling for change and for rebirth. Pluto is a planet of rebellion and revolution, but he is impulsive and unless there are other planets in Capricorn, lacks the discipline to follow things through. You may have embraced change many times over recent years, only to find that life happens and it isn’t sustained. All that changed when Saturn returned to Capricorn on the 20th December 2017, joining Pluto here for the first time in our lifetime. All of a sudden you have the missing ingredient, gaining Saturn’s determination, willpower, stick ability and the power to move mountains if you have to. With Saturn not leaving until December 2020 and Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion joining them in his final year, this is a gateway year to amazing growth ahead. You will always begin each year with the Sun in Capricorn, bringing you to the start of your most powerful solar and calendar year ever. Saturn only returned 11 days before 2018 began, so this is something you’re still adjusting to. Mars will also spend an extraordinary amount of time in Capricorn this year, giving you the passion and drive to make things happen. This will not only bring the planets of war and revolution together but with the full sanction of Saturn, the hard taskmaster of the cosmos. Mars will move through from the 18th March to the 16th May and again from the 13th August to the 11th September, creating some of the most powerful points of an already powerful year. The 16th May is also important for another reason, for this is the day that Uranus will return to your romantic and creative sector, for the first time since 1942. This opens the doors to a more fun, playful, romantic and creative chapter of your life, one that will run through to 2026. 2018 is also an important and lucky year for networking, groups and teamwork, with lucky Jupiter in your sector of friendship, teamwork and networking until the 9th November. With Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, you not only have the power to create change in your own life but in the lives of others as well. This could see you playing a larger role in community affairs and for some, even in public office.


To start with this year won’t look too different to 2017 on either the romantic or relationship fronts, but this is a year that has some stunning and game changing developments on both fronts. You begin the year with Venus, the planet of love in Capricorn and until she leaves on the 18th January, she will help you define your romantic and relationship desires and expectations for the coming year. Herein lies the problem. To all intents and purposes, there is nothing to write home about on either front and no reason why you should expect more than any other year. The problem is that Venus knows what you don’t and why it might take a while, there is every reason to start the year with high expectations on both the romantic and relationship fronts. As Venus can’t plead her case, I will on her behalf. Case No 1. Reasons for exaggerated romantic expectations. With no planetary activity on the romantic and relationship fronts, all you have to go by is expectations, but things will start moving on the romantic front with Venus, the planet of love’s return to your romantic sector on the 31st March. With Venus here from the 31st March to the 25th April, the Sun from the 20th April to the 21st May and Mercury from the 14th May to the 30th May, all planetary activity should be over within two months. In the scale of things, this is a low amount of planetary activity, with Mars not visiting this year. But you know where this story is going and it does not end there. On the 16th May, while the Sun and Mercury are still here everything changes, with Uranus returning to your romantic sector for the first time since 1942. Apart from a brief break from the 7th November to the 6th March 2019, Uranus is here until 2026. This is the first outer planet to visit your romantic sector in eight decades and brings you to the start of your most important romantic journey in a lifetime. If you’re worried about things going off the boil while Uranus is gone, don’t. Juno, queen of commitment, will return to your romantic sector from the 1st July to the 30th September but will return again from the 24th October to the 11th February. Having not visited in four years, Juno will visit twice in one year and just as you’re moving into a massive new romantic journey. Your relationship sector will be active from Venus’ return on the 20th May to the Sun’s departure on the 23rd July, suggesting a very ordinary annual update. However, a total solar eclipse on the 13th July suggests there is something fateful brewing. That something fateful is the North Node’s return to your relationship sector from the 7th November 2018 to the 5th May 2020, kicking off a fateful new relationship journey, right in the most important romantic developments in a lifetime. So at the start of the year, when Venus’ expectations feel more like wishful thinking, dare to believe your heart, for the love and relationship gods are taking you on an exceptional journey this year.


Take the lunar nodes out of your two money houses and you would still have an auspicious year on both fronts. Though in both cases the lunar nodes are something that will take care of themselves. Until leaving your financial sector on the 7th November the North Node will work to keep your financial situation and money matters on track, moving forward and with a clear sense of financial direction. The South Node in your income sector is more connected with the past and untapped income potential. Both will be particularly active around the time of the eclipses that they create and when there is planetary activity. Since the North Node returned to your financial sector and the South Node to your income sector in May 2017, all the planetary activity has been on the financial front. That will continue right through to early September, with continuous planetary activity here since mid 2017. What has kept things active long after they should have run their course for the year, is that you not only have Ceres making her first visit in four years but a retrograde phase until the 19th March is keeping her here until the 28th June. It is while Ceres is retrograde that a total lunar eclipse on the 1st February will give money matters a push. With Ceres here until late June, this allows enough time for Venus to return on the 14th June and with the Sun and Mercury taking things out to the 6th September, these will be the most active months of the year for money matters. It is during that period that a solar eclipse will fall on the 23rd August. Until now there has been no planetary activity on the income front and nothing to test the South Node’s potential. That will change when Venus, the planet of money returns to your income sector on the 18th January. If anyone can hunt out income potential it is Venus, the planet of money, making her the perfect planet to kick things off. Once things start to move on the income front it should all start to move fairly quickly, with Venus in your income sector from the 18th January to the 11th February, the Sun from the 20th January to the 19th February and Mercury from the 1st February to the 18th February. From Venus’ return on the 18th January to the Sun’s departure on the 19th February is a period of just over a month, the shortest and most condensed annual update possible. The best part about a quick, sharp burst like this, especially with the South Node creating so much potential for so long and especially with a solar eclipse on the 16th February, is that this can sweep in and make things happen quickly. Yet the money gods still have a wildcard up their sleeves, with Mars visiting not once but twice. First from the 16th May to the 13th August and again from the 11th September to the 16th November. Mars will be here when the South Node leaves on the 7th November and during a total lunar eclipse on the income front on the 28th July, making sure every possible advantage is accessed. What you lacked in planetary activity last year, you get in abundance this year.


Professionally things are a lot quieter this year, but for all the right reasons. There will also be a lot less pressure, a lot of natural momentum and two distinct periods where work and career matters will each get their turn. This hasn’t been the case over the last two years, with Jupiter having only just wrapped up a 13 month visit to your career sector last October. This was a visit fraught with pressure from constant oppositions with Uranus in your home and family sector, creating a lot of professional pressure or work/life balance tension last year. Mars left your career sector in December, becoming the last planet to leave, but also the last planet to flush out any remaining balance issues. This has left you with a huge amount of momentum, but with the pressure gone that momentum will have no obstructions and nothing to slow it down. This creates a situation where all you have invested in over the last few years, could start to bear fruit and play out. However, you start the year with no planetary activity in either of your two professional houses and apart from a Full Moon in your career sector on the 1st April, it will stay that way until Venus returns to your work sector on the 25th April. This kicks off the most active months of the year on the work front, but as will be the case with career forces later in the year, there is a big surprise. For the first time in four years as the Sun, Mercury and Venus move through your work sector, which they will do from the 25th April to the 13th June, there are no planets in opposition. With Saturn having left a nostalgic part of your chart in December, he is no longer on the other side of the sky when the planets move through your work sector. With no work tension and job pressure and no roadblocks, this should be a short and productive period on the job front. It is the planets that start returning to your career sector on the 7th August however that will be in for the biggest shock. Since 2010 Uranus has been in your home and family sector and no planet has been able to move through your career sector without moving into opposition. Having to contend with professional pressure or work/life balance tension and being forced to balance your home and professional lives have been part of the deal for the last seven years. However, Uranus will leave on the 16th May and while he will return on the 7th November, most of the planets will have moved through your career sector by then. In fact, they will have all moved through, with a parade of planets moving through your career sector starting with Ceres’ return on the 6th September and ending with the Sun’s departure on the 24th October. However, Venus will do a U turn and come back for a double dip visit from the 1st November to the 3rd December. This will involve an opposition with Uranus, but just for old time’s sake and with one last chance to resolve any work/life balance issues. This is a small price to pay for a double dip visit that brings the potential for a do over.

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