Libra Love

Sep 13, 2019

Libra Horoscope
Today's lunar influence hints at romantic possibilities found possibly in the workplace or maybe a health-related environment, such as a gym or doctor's waiting room. Don't be quick to rule out the possibility of finding love where daily routines are concerned. Keep an eye out for a flirtatious work colleague or someone on public transport. There are plenty of possibilities, but an open mind is essential to spot them.

Week Ending Sep 20, 2019
Who's the cosmic favourite where love and romance are concerned? You are! With both Venus and Mercury arriving in your sign this week until early October, not only are your powers of attraction about to intensify but so too is your ability to communicate sweetly and eloquently. Don't hesitate to seize this fantastic opportunity to reveal what's in your heart or on your mind to someone special. New levels of love, comfort, and warmth are about to permeate your world, and any struggle you may have experienced recently to express thoughts or feelings is about to diminish noticeably.

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 Daily Compatibility

Libra & Leo Compatibility for Sep 13, 2019
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