Most Compatible Sun Signs

Finding love is an unending quest. Knowing which sun sign you are most compatible with will give you an upper hand in finding a long lasting, fulfilling relationship.

Of the twelve signs of the zodiac, each has their divine compliment. Finding a person that is your divine compliment is one step towards finding and keeping a potential soul mate.

Knowing your sun sign and the sun sign of a potential mate can be very helpful in determining if your relationship will even get off the ground. This is not to say that only the above signs are compatible. Any combination of sun signs can work for a couple, but the combinations described are considered the ideal for long lasting harmony.

Leo & Aquarius
The Leo-Aquarius connection is balanced between Leo's warmth and Aquarius' coolness. A Leo is very generous and wants to shine for their partner. A Leo will give without wanting anything in return. An Aquarius is cool and objective, providing for Leo a sense of perspective in the world.

An Aquarius functions well as part of a group. A Leo-Aquarius relationship will be centered on fairness and equality. A Leo will make sure that all of their loved ones are invited to an impromptu party. An Aquarius will make sure that there is enough food, drink, and money to pay for the event.

Taurus & Scorpio
The Taurus-Scorpio connection strength lies in Taurus' stable and solid nature combined with Scorpio's need for change and fire. Each sign challenges the other. Without Scorpio, Taurus may become too set in their ways and appear lazy. Scorpio brings Taurus an unrelenting fire that helps Taurus accept change and become more creative.

Taurus calms the fire of Scorpio, allowing Scorpio to become more grounded and more focused on tasks. Together Taurus and Scorpio are strong creators, receptive of change, and deeply intense. A Taurus will refuse to go out dancing because they have work in the morning while the Scorpio will get Taurus to let their hair down once in awhile.

Virgo & Pisces
The Virgo-Pisces connection is in search of the balance between the spiritual and the physical in our lives. A Virgo is practical, driven and logical. A Pisces is a visionary, spiritual and surrendering.

Together, the Virgo and Pisces are able to balance the practical with the divine. The relationship has strong potential for a deep, intense love that only gets better with age. A Virgo will plan diligently for retirement. A Pisces will know the best vacation to take when the couple does retire.

Gemini & Sagittarius
The Gemini-Sagittarius connection is strong because both signs seek to gather new information. A Gemini can run into trouble because they find almost anything interesting and the often bounce from subject to subject. A Sagittarius helps Gemini gain focus and be less scattered.

A Gemini will gather small bits of information about many topics while a Sagittarius will be able to see the broader perspective. They are united by the common purpose of seeking knowledge. A Gemini will start many projects around the house. A Sagittarius will make sure that the projects get done.

Cancer & Capricorn
The Cancer-Capricorn connection is centered on the care and perpetuation of life. A Cancer is seen as mothering. A Cancer is nurturing, and they want everyone around them to feel comfortable. A Cancer experiences intense emotional ups and downs and they need Capricorn's reassurance to feel more emotionally stable.

A Capricorn is seen as fathering. A Capricorn's nature is to reassure and provide structure. A Cancer will make sure the children are tucked in for the night. A Capricorn will make sure that the children got their homework done first.

Aries & Libra
The Aries-Libra connection is strong because for all of Aries' arrogant self-centeredness, Libra counteracts this with self-sacrificing, compassion. Aries are focused people, unafraid to be who they are. They approach life with an abundance of optimism and confidence.

Libra's deepest motives lie in their need to harmonize. Libra wants to focus on those around them and will keep an Aries in check. An Aries will brush the friends of the couple off while the Libra will host a dinner party.

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