Full Moon in Libra

March 25, 2024
The Full Moon in Libra symbolizes a time for finding balance and harmony in our personal and professional relationships. It is a lunar event that encourages us to take stock of how we are interfacing with others, urging introspection on the nature of our relationships and if they are serving our higher selves. The sign of Libra is ruled by Venus - the planet synonymous with love, beauty, and attraction. This celestial event often stirs within us feelings of wanting to connect more deeply with others or resolve lingering conflicts that may be disrupting our sense of peace and equilibrium.

This period gives everyone a heightened awareness around the principles of fairness and justice—core characteristics of Libra. During this Full Moon, emotions may run high as we engage more intensively in self-reflection equality in our relationships. We may be driven to look at issues we find out of balance or seek closure from past injustices. It's a time where we are encouraged to strive for harmonious co-existence with others guided by mutual respect, understanding, and kindness.

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