Mars enters Pisces

March 22, 2024
When Mars shifts into Pisces, it introduces a compelling blend of forces. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions which gives Mars an indirect and more subtle way of asserting energy. This presence of Mars in Pisces marks a period where our ambitions become less about the physical or ego-driven goals and more about being driven by emotional or spiritual ones. During this time, we are urged to look beyond the superficial aspects of life and delve deeper into the mystical world of emotions and subconscious thoughts.

It signifies a period of transcending barriers as we look to unite our physical reality with our spiritual aspirations. Actions during this time are usually moved by intuitive impulses rather than logical reasoning. We may find ourselves willingly surrendering to the flow of life instead of fighting against it like we typically would under Mars' influence. However, since Pisces is often lost in their dream world and their emotions can get quite chaotic when not expressed correctly, we need to ensure that our drive directed by Mars does not turn into escapism. It's crucial that we keep channeling these energies positively for growth rather than being overwhelmed by them.

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