Sun enters Taurus

April 19, 2024
When the Sun enters Taurus, there is a collective shift in energy that everyone can feel. This period is marked by a transition from the fiery and initiating energy of Aries to the more grounded and practical energy of Taurus. Symbolized by the Bull, Taurus energy encourages us to slow down and savor life's sensory pleasures. It prompts us to focus on what's realistic and tangible, foster a deeper connection with nature, and strive for stability and predictability.

However, with the Sun in Taurus also comes potential pitfalls we all need to navigate carefully. The caution of this sign may lead to resistance against change or sticking too rigidly to things just because they're familiar. It can also breed laziness or over-indulgence in physical pleasures. But being aware of these tendencies can help us make the most of this period. This is a time when we are all nudged towards finding balance between hastening life's pace and appreciating its simple joys.

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