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To begin with, the best thing about 2021 is that it is not 2020 anymore, which may have been a challenging year in more ways than one. However, the more distance you gain from last year the more you will realize how empowering and opportune it actually was, appreciating in hindsight not only the inner power and resilience this has given you but the opportunities this has created. 2020 was the final year of Saturn’s three year visit to Capricorn and the foundation years for a new three decade long Saturn cycle. Saturn not only left Capricorn in the closing weeks of 2020 but Jupiter as well, wrapping up the 12 month foundation of a new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion. If your future was a building you have spent the last three years dealing with consents and then getting down in the muck, digging and pouring the foundations by hand.

Now the building can rise upwards, knowing that while it was hard work and challenging, the last few years and 2020 in particular, were spent creating the kind of foundations that will support your future. Once Saturn and Jupiter leave Capricorn, which was the first time in six decades this has happened at the same time, it was to begin the ‘flowering phase’. This is the year when most of the seeds planted in the past will start to bear fruit, when life becomes easier and more abundant. This is likely to be a lucrative year, with Jupiter and Saturn now in your income sector but it is not just about the money, with things coming to bloom across all aspects and in all the currencies of your life. This is the year when you get to reap the rewards for the challenges and hard work of the past, especially personally.

This is also going to be a fast and vibrant year, with Jupiter leaving your income sector on 14th May to join Neptune in your communication sector, putting the planets of luck and dreams together here for the first time in our lifetime. Jupiter will back out and return to your income sector on 29th July but will return to your communication sector on 29th December. In all, Jupiter will return to your communication sector, a smart, intellectually savvy and articulate part of your chart three times over the course of 2021 and 2022. In addition, after spending the second half of 2020 going backwards and forwards over the same ground, Mars will visit nine areas of your chart this year. The only parts he won’t visit are Capricorn, your income and communication sector which Jupiter and Saturn have covered.


Mars, who didn’t visit your romantic or relationship sectors in 2020 will visit both this year and you won’t have to wait long to get your first taste of the warrior planet’s influence. By the end of June 2020, Mars had reached a point that would normally put him just six weeks away from your romantic sector but instead, a retrograde turn means that even as you move into 2021 he is yet to arrive. On the other side of 2020 and all its challenges and demands, Mars final return to your romantic sector on 7th January is a chance to push the ‘reset’ button and to give matters of the heart a major boost. Uranus, in your romantic sector until 2026 but in retrograde motion for the second half of 2020, will finally turn direct on 14th January, a week after Mars’ return.

This will see Mars return to fire things up on the romantic front, just as matters of the heart are about to come out of hibernation. Combined, this will give matters of the heart and the spirit of romance a boost in the early days of the year and while Mars will leave on 4th March, what he can begin during that time Uranus can keep fuelled for the rest of the year. Uranus had that ability last year but he didn’t have Mars stoke the romantic flame in the way that he will do this year and right at the start, this can set the scene for the coming year. While Mars will be gone when Venus, the planet of love returns on 15th April and the Sun and Mercury over the coming days, they will all benefit from and build on from Mars’ legacy. Once the Sun leaves on 21st May Uranus will be on his own and apart from the Moon’s monthly visits will remain on his own for the rest of the year but the momentum will have been created by then.

Mars will also visit your relationship sector this year but unlike your romantic sector, here there is no ongoing planetary activity but he will find a lot less push back from planets in Capricorn when he returns on 24th April. This is just days after Venus’ return to your romantic sector so this new relationship chapter will happen in the early days of a second romantic surge. Every planet that returned to your relationship sector last year got push back from Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn but as they are gone, that won’t be the case this year. Mars will move through your relationship sector from 24th April to 12th June but this time the faster planets will catch up. Mercury, the planet of communication will return on 4th May but not leave until 12th July, with the planet of communication spending over two months rather than his typical two weeks here.


There are financial years where what you can expect is the ordinary, years with more potential than you would normally expect or something that is so extraordinary that it changes everything and it is the latter that you have this year. January 2021 is Jupiter and Saturn’s first full month in your income sector and while the planet of luck and expansion will come and go during the year, Saturn is here until 2023. This is not a year that has some additional income potential but a year where this is the defining force in play. Jupiter and Saturn returned within days of each other and just before Christmas 2020 changed the whole dynamics moving forward. Jupiter and Saturn are the two most powerful planets in the solar system and it is the first time they have been in your income sector at the same time in six decades.

What makes this such a powerful combination is that Jupiter is a planet that creates a sense of what’s possible, creating the most potentially lucky and expansive year for income potential in over a decade. Saturn on the other hand is the planet that can create challenges and demands that we take responsibility but together, Jupiter offers a sense of what’s possible and Saturn the means to make it happen. Jupiter is racing ahead and will leave your income sector on 14th May but will retrograde back in from 29th July to 29th December. The first visit is more a drive through, with Venus working to explore and expose as much potential as possible and then coming back in order to be more selective.

Mercury, the first of the faster planets to reach your income sector this year will arrive on 9th January but won’t leave until 16th March, extending out what is normally a 14 to 15 day visit. The Sun’s return on 20th January and Venus, the planet of money’s return on 2nd February will contribute to getting this lucrative year off the ground. Meanwhile, in a year when there is continuous planetary activity in your income sector and will be for years to come, this makes it important to pay attention to money matters during the limited planetary activity in your financial sector. Here the focus is on what you do with and how you manage the money you have and it runs from Mars’ return on 12th June to the Sun’s departure on 23rd August.


What you have is what can be labelled as a ‘middle of the road’ professional year and sometimes that is the best kind of year and as it happens, that is definitely the case in 2021. A middle of the road year means that there is more happening than just the passage of the faster moving planets, which would see work and job matters become more active in May and June and career matters become more active in August and September but then nothing else for the rest of the year. The level above that would be to have major planetary activity all year, which will demand a lot while also giving a lot back in return. What you have in 2021, is right in the middle of the two and that is a good place to be.

You have the North Node in your work sector from May 2020 to January 2022 and this is helping to maintain a sense of direction and momentum, without making the kind of demands that continuous planetary activity would. However, you also don’t just have the ordinary annual planetary activity that you will always get on the job front each year, this year running from 4th May to 12th July. In that time the Sun, Mercury and Venus will move through, all connecting with the North Node and creating what are usually some of the most active months of any year on the job front. The difference this year is that before the faster planets return Mars will move through, with the warrior planet of the cosmos making his first visit in two years, from 4th March to 24th April.

Mars will also make his first visit to your career sector in two years, extending out the planetary activity on the career front this year but this time, moving through with the Sun, Venus and Mercury. It is Venus that will begin the most active months of the year on the career front on 16th August while Mercury will keep it going through to 6th November. This creates very few months in 2021 when there isn’t at least some planetary activity on the job and career fronts while with Mars making his first visit to both in two years and the North Node in your work sector all year, this creates just the right level of professional activity without demanding too much. This is something that Jupiter and Saturn will be keen to exploit, after their return to your income sector in the closing weeks of 2020.

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