Sagittarius Monthly

December, 2019

Sagittarius Horoscope
Although there will have been undoubted benefits to having Jupiter, the planet of luck, optimism, and expansion in your sign for the past twelve months, its departure doesn't necessarily mean you're left in the lurch. Although it leaves Sagittarius, Jupiter intends to work some magic on your behalf in other ways. Having the biggest and heaviest planet in our solar system in your sign probably hasn't been without its share of intensity. However, as Jupiter starts to influence your confidence, self-worth, and values, you can expect during the coming weeks and beyond to feel noticeably more reassured and secure.

Love & Romance
A Full Moon targets your commitments and partnerships on December 12, and you look set to experience a new chapter or turning point between you and a certain someone. You're urged to be more adventurous or governed less by restrictions, so seize a chance to rewrite the relationship rule book! On the 22nd, Venus and Uranus aren't on good terms, and hasty actions or words on your part could lead to a need to make an apology if you're not careful. On the flip side, someone who has kept feelings concealed could surprise or shock you. How you react to this will determine whether it's a goer or falls at the first hurdle. Once you calm down, you could feel more flattered or excited than annoyed or angry. There's no smoke without fire, as they say.

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