Virgo Money

August 26 - September 1, 2019

Virgo Horoscope
While she is only an asteroid, Pallas Athena's departure from your income sector on Monday will have a positive impact on both income and money matters. Normally spending two months here, once every four years, a retrograde phase has kept Pallas, goddess of wisdom here for 10 months and this has given you an extraordinary amount of time to learn, gain knowledge, information and generally prepare for when a planet returns with the power to make things happen. With the Sun, Mercury and Venus returning to your income sector next month, they not only have the power to make things happen but will start with a huge advantage, thanks to the 10 months that Pallas has been here, preparing for their return. In the meantime, this takes the pressure off both planets in your financial sector, giving them just under three weeks with no distractions and a chance to make it just about money matters as a whole.

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