Dragon Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Dragon Chinese Zodiac
Friday's New Moon means that we are coming to the end of one lunar month and the start of another, but there is a bigger picture here. Until Friday's New Moon we are in the final days of the month of the Rooster, a month that for the Dragon is all about your work situation and job matters and is a busy and an industrious month. Friday's New Moon on the other hand, ushers in the month of the Dog, a month that has the focus more on your relationships. What makes this significant is that this is a smaller version of the shift that will take place on a much larger scale next year. These are the final days of the last month of the Rooster to fall during the Year of the Rooster for another 12 years. However, Friday's New Moon will also usher in the last month of the Dog before the Year of the Dog begins, next January.

2017 - Year of the Rooster
The Year of the Rooster represents a busy and industrious year for you, a year where you can expect a lot of job growth. However, it is a year where you will need to put in the effort, with no short cuts and doing whatever it takes for as long as it takes. Yet for those regimented enough to work with the Rooster and his exacting demands then you can expect accolades and even awards later down the track.

If you work in an industry that has a red carpet then expect to be strutting your stuff at some point during the year. If not, then you’ll make your own version of a ‘red carpet’ moment. Yet where others might see overnight success, you’ll know that you have worked hard for the success possible this year. Fortunately the New Moon that ushers in the Year of the Rooster also brought the month of the Ox to an end, a month for relentless professional drilling. You should have a clear and fresh sense of your personal and professional goals and ambitions for the coming year.

From the moment the Rooster returns you will be able to roll up your sleeves and get straight to work. Not all years are an island and you’re likely to find that the influence of the Monkey lingers. At the same time, while the Year of the Dog doesn’t begin until next February, life could be positioning you for what lies ahead. Keeping the energy from the Year of the Monkey alive is all about keeping the spirit of romance and all things creative alive. In the meantime, with the Year of the Dog a fateful year for relationship matters, this could see new people come into your life.

Pay attention to any relationship matters during the month of the Dog, from the 22nd August to the 20th September. There is a chance that someone could come into your life in a fateful way, especially in the early days of the month. Meanwhile, we have a Leap Month this year, with two back to back months of the Goats. The first runs from the 24th June to the 23rd July and the second from the 23rd July to the 22nd August. These will be important months for home, family and/or property matters.

About the Dragon
Seen as the symbol of the Emperor in Ancient China, the Dragon is charismatic, enthusiastic and imaginative. They are often dramatic and love to be the center of attention. Dragons have the ability to inspire others.

They are powerful and dominating and like to take the lead. On one hand they make helpful and considerate friends, on the other, they are idealistic and are prone to impose high standards on others. Dragons are dangerous in enmity.

As a dragon, you will have quite a complicated life and you may be considered an eccentric. Blessed with good health, you will have a passionate nature. You can also be dominant and short-tempered as well as ambitious and hard-working. You'll be best off if you avoid marriage until your later years

They are usually successful in careers. They have a tendency to be over-confident and arrogant. The Dragon is a prosperous sign but they often spend money as fast as they make it.

There is an element of the loner in every dragon. Paradoxically, young Dragons have a strong yearning for partnership and tend to marry young.

Compatible: Rats & Monkeys
Incompatible: Dogs
Moderately Well: Horses & Goats

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