Tiger Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Tiger Chinese Zodiac
The closer you get to the weekend the more you are likely to be hanging out for it, without really knowing why. This is one week where you may have a very real 'thank god it's Friday' experience. For it is Friday's New Moon that not only ushers in an adventurous weekend, but an adventurous month. Until then we are in the final days of the month of the Rooster, a month where the focus is on your financial situation and money matters. Yet what you're hanging out for is Friday's New Moon and the start of the month of the Dog. The Tiger and Dog are not only the best of friends, but the Dog is an adventurous month, full of the potential for travel and a chance to tick some things off your bucket list. With the Year of the Dog starting next February, this is also a taste of things to come.

2017 - Year of the Rooster
The Tiger and the Rooster aren’t necessarily the best of friends, they get along well enough not to cause any personality clashes. The Year of the Rooster is a year for hard work, taking responsibility and being organized. This is an energy that is all about getting in and just making things happen. For the Tiger this is mainly expressed financially.

This isn’t a lucky year for money matters and not a particularly lucrative year for income matters. However, in saying that the early months of the Year of the Rooster could be quite lucrative. Where the Rooster will have the biggest impact this year is on the financial front as a whole, where you could find yourself stripping everything back and starting again. The Rooster likes systems and he likes to be working towards something, so rather than fix anything that isn’t organized and doesn’t have structure, he may declare that it’s easier to start again.

As the Year of the Rooster runs through to February 2018 you’ve got time on your side. Unlike the financial resolutions you might have made when moving into 2017, with the Rooster you have a sense of determination that won’t waver. Once you decide you’re going to take your financial power back, there will be no going back. Just like diets, we all know what we need to do, but it’s the motivation we lack. When it comes to financial resolutions, the Rooster not only brings the determination and motivation, but a lot of financial savvy as well. There are just enough professional developments this year to ensure that this should be a lucrative year as well.

The Rooster isn’t interested in money coming in, with his focus more about managing the money you have. However, there are some real opportunities on the work front in the middle months of the year and on the career front from October onwards. This isn’t enough to make your professional game the driving force of the year, but enough to ensure there are income, job and career opportunities.

About the Tiger
The Tiger is warm, loving and dynamic. One is never bored in the company of a Tiger. They are independent and unpredictable. Tigers can sometimes be selfish in pursuit of fun for they are susceptible to being captured by sudden enthusiasm, causing them to alienate their friends. But they generally have great sympathies and understanding for others.

Tigers are aggressive and need to control their tempers. They always tell it like it is, but they are also intelligent and sensitive, so will be full of remorse if they upset you. Tigers are protective of their families and peers and often show great courage.

Tigers are brave and powerful. At times, they take risks to the point of recklessness. They can make hasty decisions without thinking of the possible consequences. Nevertheless, Tigers are natural born leaders and are often successful in money and career matters. But they do have a propensity to see-saw in triumphs and failures because of their rash behaviour.

In love, Tigers are highly emotional. They have a strong sex drive touched with good dose of sensuality. More likely to "sow wild oats" in they younger days than other signs, they do become more placid with age.

Compatible: Dogs & Horses
Incompatible: Monkeys
Satisfactory: Boars & Dragons

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