Goat Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Goat Chinese Zodiac
The first four days of the week are all about communication, talks or getting through mental tasks such as writing, working on projects that require mental focus or anything the involves words in any format. For these are the final days of the month of the Rooster, a month that is all about communication and mental focus. Yet as we are also in the Year of the Rooster, once things are up to speed you'll find it easy to stay on that level. In the meantime, Friday's New Moon will usher in the month of the Dog and just in time for the weekend. For the Goat, the month of the Dog is all about home, family and/or property matters, something that is close to the heart of the Goat. This will be a chance to feel more grounded, with the weekend in particular likely to be one where home is where the heart is.

2017 - Year of the Rooster
You are going to love the Year of the Rooster, mainly because you won’t have to give up any of the benefit gained during the Year of the Monkey. If the money started to flow last year, your income increased or just your confidence in general, then this will continue.

The wily Monkey put enough systems in place to ensure that continued. There are certain times when you will see more evidence of that, mainly when things start to move professionally. After a busy end to the Year of the Monkey the pace will just start to be easing off as you move into the Year of the Rooster, but even if you don’t, you will find it a lot easier to manage. For you the Rooster’s influence is felt intellectually and through your communications. With February through to June an especially expansive time professionally, you should be on top mental form by then, with no reason why the money shouldn’t follow.

What you really like about the Rooster is that he shares similar values. You both value hard work and taking responsibility. The Rooster sets some clear rules in place that are simple, but provide a lot of structure. The Rooster not only creates the rules, he likes to stick to the rules. Goats like to know what the rules are, though that doesn’t necessarily mean you will stick to them. You just like to know what they are, so you know when you’re skating close to or going over the line. If you can get away with breaking the rules you will, but you draw comfort from knowing they’re in place.

The Rooster is straight up, honest, there is no game playing and just rewards for those that work hard. While the Rooster does bring a tendency to worry or over think things, you’ve learned the hard way how futile that is. You should have no trouble working with the Rooster’s mental focus when you need to, but turning it off when you don’t.

About the Goat
Goats are sensitive, kind and loving creatures. They are also creative, artistic and sometimes eccentric. The Goat is the zodiacal archetype of genuine goodness and consideration. Goats are lucky about being in "the right place at the right time."

Goats definitely don't like to stand out in a crowd and will always hide in the wings, but they are elegant creatures and can be very creative. In general, they are serene, home-loving and nurturing.

They have a need to be loved and are at times, emotionally gloomy. Goats do not take criticisms well due to their sensitivity. They are extremely passive and will only fight under extreme provocation.

Their gentility and generosity with sympathy often leads them to be exploited by others. Goats are at best paired in business with a partner who is more aggressive than themselves, such as the Horse. In romantic relationships, they fare well with partners who have complimentary qualities that balance their trusting and gentle nature, as oppose to those who resemble them.

Compatible: Rabbits & Pigs
Incompatible: Oxen
Satisfactory: Horses
Difficult: Snakes & Rabbits

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