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Moving into the New Year with Venus in Aquarius is an advantage but not a rare one. What is rare is for her to have been here since early December or for Mars to have recently moved through. Venus will leave on the 3rd January and won’t return until 2018, yet while she will spend less than 72 hours of the year here, her influence on the year itself is massive. This allows you to begin the year with your heart engaged from the get go, a clear sense of what you want and also ready to embrace your passions. Even more important was the chance this gave Venus and therefore your heart, to connect with Jupiter in the final weeks of 2016, for he is the one planet that will have the biggest influence on the year itself. Jupiter will remain in your sector of adventure, travel, learning and discovery until the 10th October and when he returns to your career sector to begin your biggest professional year in over a decade, a sense of adventure will remain in safe hands through to December. Something has been awoken that you are unable to put back in the box, with simply going through the motions no longer an option and this is set to have an impact on all that you do. Whether it is making the most of the lucrative first four months of the year, the career developments later in the year or something special and fateful developing on the relationship front, this will bring a constant reminder that it is all about the journey. That there is something fateful developing on the relationship front is more a dark horse at first, with a lunar eclipse in your relationship sector on the 11th February suggesting that fate is at play, but without really knowing what. It might not be until midyear and until a total solar eclipse in your relationship sector on the 21st August that the hands of fate will be revealed. However, you don’t have two eclipses in your relationship sector, six months apart without them being linked and without fate being at play behind the scenes. This makes the extraordinary amount of time that Venus, planet of love and guardian of your relationships will spend in your communication sector this year make sense. Venus, planet of love and guardian of your relationships will usually spend between 24 to 26 days in your communication sector each year, on a mission to give your heart and your relationships a voice. With fate seemingly at work on the relationship front this week, this is something Venus must be aware of. To start with Venus will move through your communication sector from the 3rd February to the 3rd April, so will be here during the lunar eclipse in your relationship sector on the 11th August. However, she will then return for a double dip visit from the 28th April to the 6th June. The communication and relationship gods are working in unison, but to what ends they’re keeping under wraps for now.


You have reached a year where all is not what it seems, with the gods pulling a bit of a bait and switch on you, but in a way that you definitely get to benefit from. Moving into the year with Venus, planet of love not only in Aquarius but here since early December, makes it clear from the get go that this is going to be a romantically charged year, right? Well, yes this is going to be a good year for matters of the heart, but not in the way that first impressions suggest. With Venus leaving Aquarius on the 3rd January and then not returning 2018, this may see romantic forces drop back just 72 hours into the year. However, having already spent weeks here before leaving and having spent both Christmas and the New Year in Aquarius, this is simply when the trainer wheels come off. In reality, where there is something super special and fateful developing this year is on the relationship front. A lunar eclipse in your relationship sector on the 11th February and a total solar eclipse on the 21st August, is a clear sign that fate is at work, for you don’t have an eclipse without fateful undercurrents in play. This also makes it important to let relationship matters unfold naturally, even after the lunar eclipse on the 11th February. Apart from Venus’ departure from Aquarius on the 3rd January and a lunar eclipse in your relationship sector on the 11th February, things could look a little boring, but don’t be deceived. Things will start moving on the romantic front with Mars’ return to your romantic sector on the 1st April and while Venus won’t return until the 5th July, there will be plenty of support to keep the romantic flame burning until she gets here. In fact, that whole period from the 21st April to the 31st July is the most romantically charged period of the year, with the first six weeks and the last four weeks the best. It is while this is still unfolding that whatever fate has in store on the relationship front will start stirring, starting with Mercury’s return to your relationship sector on the 6th July. The total solar eclipse on the 21st August is the first of two New Moons here this year, the first four weeks earlier on the 23rd July. Whatever is triggered by this solar eclipse will be in safe hands, with Venus returning to your relationship sector from the 26th August to the 10th September, to protect and run with anything this might trigger. In all, the best relationship months of the year will run from Mercury’s return to your relationship sector on the 6th July to Venus’ departure on the 10th September, with the solar eclipse on the 21st August the epicentre.


You literally get a dream start to your financial year with Mars and Neptune, the planets of passion and dreams not only both in your income sector as you move into the New Year, but aligned from New Year’s Eve to the 2nd January. The mission to smash through glass ceilings, especially those in your own mind, began just before Christmas, but it was in the closing hours of 2016 that Mars teamed up with Neptune, looked each other in the eye and said ‘let’s do this’. With Mars not due to leave until the 28th January and Neptune here until 2026, the motivation and fighting spirit you begin the year with will be in good hands. Another omen for success will come with Venus’ early return to your income sector on the 3rd January, but more importantly what she’ll do once she arrives. As the planet of money, desire and attraction, the 24 days that Venus will spend in your income sector each year are always the most potentially lucrative. However, while Venus will move through from the 3rd January to the 3rd February, already staying on a week longer than she normally would, she will return for a rare double dip visit from the 3rd April to the 28th April. With Venus’ early weeks spent with Mars and Neptune and a solar eclipse on the 26th February, just weeks after her departure, the first four months of 2017 are a fertile field for income opportunities. In retrograde motion from the 3rd April to the 15th April, there will even be a 12 day period where the doors are open to the past, second chances and untapped potential. With the Sun highlighting your income situation, matters and options from the 19th February to the 20th March and Mercury giving you the smart head for money needed to keep your head in the game from the 25th February to the 13th March, between them the money gods are keeping the ball in play throughout the early months of 2017. Even once Venus leaves on the 28th April, with Neptune here until 2026, there is no chance that this dream start will fall flat anytime soon. While the rest of the year isn’t as spectacular as the first four months, income matters get a major shot in the arm with Jupiter’s return to your career sector on the 10th October, opening the door to your biggest year for professional growth in over a decade. Where last year was mainly focused on your financial situation and money matters as a whole and you have the means to keep money matters on track, 2017 is definitely the turn of income matters. You will have a chance to focus on your financial situation and money matters and on any financial housekeeping required from Mercury’s return to your financial sector on the 22nd August to Mars’ departure on the 22nd October.

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The original, inventive thinking of an Aquarius can solve any problem in an original way, and if any of the other signs get stranded on a desert island, they'd want an Aquarian with them. Those with an Aquarius horoscope are deeply loyal and supportive friends, who choose friends for their inner qualities and not for their social standing.

The trouble is that Aquarians have barely any respect for authority. They flout it on every occasion and get a reputation for being anarchic and eccentric. Make sure you know the value of some established traditions, because things get ugly when you throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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Charles Darwin, Clark Gable, James Dean, Oprah Winfrey, John Travolta, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Ronald Reagan, Paul Newman, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln

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The Water Carrier
January 20 - February 18
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Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

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