Aquarius Career

December 9 - December 15, 2019

Aquarius Horoscope
After the Sun left your career sector late last month and with Venus been and gone, this should be the point in this professional year where things start winding down, with a chance to coast to the finishing line. Instead, this is the week when the pace is set to pick up dramatically, thanks to Mercury's departure from your career sector on Monday. For over two months Mercury has helped you too keep your head in the game and your feet on the ground, with his departure handing the reins to Mars, the warrior planet of the cosmos. This is akin to letting a restless dog off its leash, with Mars frustrated by Mercury's need to measure twice and cut once. With Mars not leaving until early January, he is now on a mission to squeeze every advantage out of this professional year. As well as moving this professional year up a gear, Mars prefers to stay in the fast lane, making it important to heed some work/life balance reminders at the start of the week.

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 About Aquarius

The original, inventive thinking of an Aquarius can solve any problem in an original way, and if any of the other signs get stranded on a desert island, they'd want an Aquarian with them. Those with an Aquarius horoscope are deeply loyal and supportive friends, who choose friends for their inner qualities and not for their social standing.

The trouble is that Aquarians have barely any respect for authority. They flout it on every occasion and get a reputation for being anarchic and eccentric. Make sure you know the value of some established traditions, because things get ugly when you throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Aquarius Celebrities
Charles Darwin, Clark Gable, James Dean, Oprah Winfrey, John Travolta, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Ronald Reagan, Paul Newman, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln

Zodiac Symbol
The Water Carrier
January 20 - February 18
Zodiac Element
Zodiac Quality
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

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