Pisces Love

Jun 23, 2021

Pisces Horoscope
You could feel it's necessary to create a line between professional goals and passionate aspirations. But there's no doubt that your love life or a special bond could benefit from a tiny shift of the fervent energy you apply to your career. Love doesn't respond to strict plans but setting an ambitious, romantic or relationship goal could be the first step to one dream becoming true.

Week Ending Jun 25, 2021
With the Sun illuminating true love, all things romantic, and deep heartfelt expression until July 22, matters of the heart receive a delightful injection of life! You're encouraged to put a more creative spin on love and romance. See what you can do to express deep thoughts and feelings in ways that leave a lover in no doubt about the fact you mean them! A Full Moon affects the social scene and friendships. For some Pisceans, one alliance could go become more than just platonic!

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