Pisces Weekly

June 1 - June 7, 2020

Pisces Horoscope
While the Moon has just left your relationship sector as you move into the new week, this will have a positive impact on both you and your relationships. While moving through your relationship sector over the weekend, the Moon clashed with all three planets in Pisces and while this may have created some personal and/or relationship tension or some strong emotional and passionate responses, this week you will enjoy the benefits. While there, the Moon made a friendly aspect to planets in your communication sector, so there was always a chance to use this to get the communication lines open. However, the biggest impact has been on you personally for one of the planets the Moon clashed with was Mars, still in his early weeks in Pisces. There is nothing like a bit of pressure to fire up the warrior planet of the cosmos, who is already adding rocket fuel to your passions, drive and competitive spirit.

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