Dog Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Dog Chinese Zodiac
For you, last Friday's New Moon was more than just the month of the Pig coming to an end and the month of the Rat starting. While both are important, this also means that you have now moved into the final two months of the Year of the Dog. It has been just over a month since the month of the Dog ended and with the Year of the Dog ending in February, there is a new call to make sure you are following the beat of your own drum and are ready to embrace new beginnings. To this end the month of the Rat is a real advantage. The cunning Rat not only gives you an intellectually savvy and articulate edge, allowing you to communicate more effectively and think on your feet, he can help you make choices, decisions and plans. As well as finding it easier to express yourself, you will find it easier to turn vague ideas or concepts into more concrete or strategic plans.

2018 - Year of the Dog
This is it, the year that you have been waiting for, bringing you back to the energy of your birth and in the process to the start of a new 12 year lunar cycle. This has an impact on you, on a number of levels. The first is that this is an energy you know and relate to. You don’t have to adjust your personal, Dog biased focus to fit in the energy of another Signs year.

This is your year and you don’t have to figure out how to work with the Dog, as this is how you long to approach life. Secondly, this is a year for new beginnings. While not all those born in the Year of the Dog will move house, start a new job, a new relationship or any other major new project, but you are likely to do at least one of those things. For the Dog comes along to help you plant new seeds, begin new projects and to start journeys that you can continue on long after the Year of the Dog ends next February. Another impact, is that you have a jump on everyone not born during the Year of the Dog. You will recognise the influences in play, while the Dog will support the approach you would naturally take to things. You don’t have to adjust your game plan during the Year of the Dog, with the year itself adjusting to you. The year also gets off to a good start, with the New Moon that ushers in the Year of the Dog on the 17th February, also ushering in the month of the Tiger.

The Tiger and the Dog are the best of friends, this is always a fun, playful, romantic and creative month for you. The message from the Tiger to the Dog as they start this new journey together is ‘let’s have some fun’. You should also find that things come easily to you this year, especially the things that you value. If your currency is money, then expect more money. If your currency is love, then expect more love. Whatever matters to you, expect to attract it this year.

About the Dog
The Dog is loyal, sincere and altruistic. The Dog is one of the most objective and fair-minded signs in the zodiac. They believe in justice for all. They will fight passionately for their principles and champion the underdogs. For this reason, they can be self-righteous at times. Dogs see the world rather simplistically in "black & white" with no grey areas, hence they are incapable of appreciating mixed motives in people.

They have powerful and logical minds. Although friendly and positive, Dogs are often suspicious of strangers. This makes them slow to make friends.

You will always find them loyal, reliable, honest and generous. Good team players, they work well with other people, although you might find them stubborn and a bit narrow-minded.

They also take their time to give affection in romantic relationships and are often alarmed by those who display it openly and promptly. But when a Dog surrenders its affection, it is for life. They make extremely loyal partners.

Compatible: Horses & Tigers
Incompatible: Dragons
Difficult: Roosters

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