Dog Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Dog Chinese Zodiac
While making the most of the final hours of the month of the Pig means seizing any income opportunities that might have opened up over recent weeks, it is also a chance to tap into the confidence the Pig is working to leave you with. There is something about the Pig that will always make you feel more confident, making it easier to believe in yourself and in what you're worth. This is more important than the money and with the month of the Pig ending on Monday's New Moon, you want to soak in as much of that confidence as you can. Monday's New Moon will also usher in the month of the Rat, a month that for the Dog should be a good month, especially when it comes to communication in all its forms. You will find it much easier to keep the communication lines open from Monday, especially on the relationship front.

2017 - Year of the Rooster
The word that comes to mind when thinking of what the Year of the Rooster means for you is waiting, but of course there is a lot more to this than simply waiting for the Year of the Dog to begin next February. The Rooster is your neighbor on the Chinese Zodiac wheel and you know that when the Year of the Rooster comes along, that your turn is next.

When the Year of the Dog begins next February this will open the door to major new beginnings and a new 12 year lunar cycle. That will always bring the realization that this current 12 year lunar cycle, which began on the Year of the Dog 11 years ago, is now in its final year. Because of that, this is a year for bringing things home, completing what you started and bringing a lot of areas of your life to a point where you’re ready to go around again. Before new doors can open old doors first have to close, so this is a year of closing old doors.

Yet life will be too busy to sit around navel gazing, for this final year of a 12 year lunar cycle often has a lot of the projects or missions coming to completion. Where the Year of the Dog will be a year for new beginnings, the Year of the Rooster is a year for completing things. Yet this will no doubt get you curious about what next, as you start to explore plans or ideas for the future.

As your neighbor the Rooster and Dog aren’t necessarily the best of the friends, but they tolerate each other. This is more a mutual agreement that the Rooster will let you do your own thing, while the Rooster does his. The Rooster is all about hard work and taking responsibility and while you can gain from that professionally, you’re a free spirit and will lean on this when it suits you. Only you can get away with this, because the Rooster knows how important this final year for you is. This gives you a free pass to follow your own agenda. Hard work will pay off this year though, with October right through to February likely to be lucrative.

About the Dog
The Dog is loyal, sincere and altruistic. The Dog is one of the most objective and fair-minded signs in the zodiac. They believe in justice for all. They will fight passionately for their principles and champion the underdogs. For this reason, they can be self-righteous at times. Dogs see the world rather simplistically in "black & white" with no grey areas, hence they are incapable of appreciating mixed motives in people.

They have powerful and logical minds. Although friendly and positive, Dogs are often suspicious of strangers. This makes them slow to make friends.

You will always find them loyal, reliable, honest and generous. Good team players, they work well with other people, although you might find them stubborn and a bit narrow-minded.

They also take their time to give affection in romantic relationships and are often alarmed by those who display it openly and promptly. But when a Dog surrenders its affection, it is for life. They make extremely loyal partners.

Compatible: Horses & Tigers
Incompatible: Dragons
Difficult: Roosters

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