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Dog Chinese Zodiac
The weekend's Full Moon not only brought you to the halfway point of the playful and creative month of the Tiger but to a point where the busy, industrious and work focused month of the Rabbit was now just 14 days away. The further into the week you go the more the Tiger's days are numbered and the closer you will get to what can be the busiest days of any lunar year. Fortunately, the Year of the Rabbit only ended two weeks ago so you know what to expect while as part of the same triad of affinity, the Tiger and Dog will be working together to future proof the coming weeks by working together to create a strategy to maintain the right balance between work and play.

Year of the Dragon
Feb 10, 2024 - Jan 28, 2025
For the Dog, the Year of the Dragon is a year that comes with a warning label but is also important to see just what an empowering year this can be. The warning label reads that this is a year when things might not always go your way or when there could be times when it feels like you are swimming against the current, with life feeling harder than it should be. This is because instead of being able to ignore or sidestep things, the Dragon will insist that you confront them. This could make it feel like you and the Dragon are constantly butting heads and in a way you are. That is because the Dragon and the Dog are opposing signs and sitting opposite each other on the Chinese Zodiac wheel, you won’t always see eye to eye.

Yet underneath this, something magical is happening that is making this one of the most empowering years in a personal 12-year lunar cycle and a year that you will ultimately benefit from over the coming years. The Dragon’s role is not to make life easier for you and instead, at the halfway point in your current 12-year cycle this is a chance for a major reset, as you reassess the journey so far and it is by not fixing or making things easy for you, that this will make what is and isn’t working for you much clearer. This is going to reveal where things are out of balance or where you have veered off course, while its bold and confident influence is perfect for getting things back on track.

Helping to ease the way into the Year of the Dragon is that as will be the case with each new lunar year, it is the playful and creative month of the Tiger that will kick things off from 10th February to 10th March. The Dog and the Tiger are part of the same triad of affinity, so it will be working to smooth the way and to make life as easy as possible. The Dragon’s influence will still be there, but there will be a chance to transition into its influence. This will be followed by the busy, industrious, and work focused month of the Rabbit, which from 10th March to 9th April will bring a chance to exploit the influence of the Year of the Rabbit, which by then will have just run its course a month earlier.

About the Dog
The Dog is loyal, sincere and altruistic. The Dog is one of the most objective and fair-minded signs in the zodiac. They believe in justice for all. They will fight passionately for their principles and champion the underdogs. For this reason, they can be self-righteous at times. Dogs see the world rather simplistically in "black & white" with no grey areas, hence they are incapable of appreciating mixed motives in people.

They have powerful and logical minds. Although friendly and positive, Dogs are often suspicious of strangers. This makes them slow to make friends.

You will always find them loyal, reliable, honest and generous. Good team players, they work well with other people, although you might find them stubborn and a bit narrow-minded.

They also take their time to give affection in romantic relationships and are often alarmed by those who display it openly and promptly. But when a Dog surrenders its affection, it is for life. They make extremely loyal partners.

Compatible: Horses & Tigers
Incompatible: Dragons
Difficult: Roosters

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