Monkey Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Monkey Chinese Zodiac
For the Monkey, the month of the Ox can be the busiest month of any lunar year, with its focus on work and job matters and on anything that keeps you busy, with its industrious focus. As the month of the Ox will end on the same day that the playful Year of the Rat begins, there is light at the end of the tunnel. This gives you until later next week to get work and job matters up to speed for the year and also to tackle tasks. In the meantime, this is also the last full week of the Year of the Pig and its focus on home, family and/or property matters. A Pig Moon over the weekend will be a chance to embrace these final days and especially the last weekend of the Year of the Pig. As this is an important week on the home and job fronts, there is a need to know when to keep your work hat on and when to take it off.

2019 - Year of the Pig
Each new solar year takes you further into this current 12 year personal lunar cycle, taking you further away from the Year of the Monkey and into the journey proper. The Year of the Monkey ended two years ago and this was when you finished laying down the foundations for this current 12 year cycle.

During the Year of the Rooster, which followed on from the Monkey, you had a chance to start expanding on everything that you began or lay the foundations for. Then, during the Year of the Dog there was a chance to expand those ideas, spending more time in your head, formulating plans and making choices and decisions. What began as concepts during the Year of the Monkey, became more concrete during the Year of the Dog. The 12 year lunar cycle can be seen as the four seasons of a year, with the first three years seen as spring, where there is the promise of new life, the planting of seeds and the start of a new journey.

The next three years, which are the years of the Pig, Rat and Ox, are the summer years and the years when everything is in full growth. You are likely to see many of the things that have been ideas or concepts over the last three years start to become reality. This is when things get real and you are now in the process of making things happen. This can see you take on more responsibility and then instead of just talking about things, start walking the talk.

For the Monkey, the Pig also puts the focus on home and family matters and this is a big year for home, family and/or property matters in general. This is something that you cope with more than others do, for this is something that you can take on board, without letting it consume you. You do often need to take on more responsibility, either at home, at work or in other areas of your life, but the Monkey knows where to draw the line.

You will go right up to the line of where you need to take responsibility, but you are unlikely to cross the line to where you are also taking on responsibility for others. The Monkey is at heart a big kid and the playful side of your nature will be drawn towards the children in your orbit, making that side of family life especially rewarding.

About the Monkey
Fun, confident, energetic and a free-spirit, the Monkey is well-liked by friends and family. Being cunning and quick-witted, they are highly-capable of formulating original thoughts and ideas. They are fast learners and adapt well to various situations.

Monkeys are generally unconventional and often ignore rules. They can be devious and will sometimes bend the truth to get what they want or to help a friend, albeit within reasonable limits. Monkeys are clever and confident tricksters.

Monkeys are very intelligent and find it easy to influence others. Despite this, you will sometimes get confused and discouraged. But, conversely, you will always be enthusiastic and really go for whatever you want to achieve.

A Monkey often finds it difficult to commit to one person for they are popular with everyone. As vivacious as they are, they are challenged when it comes to displaying charm and affection towards their potential partner. However, once the relationship is established, Monkeys make wonderful partners.

Compatible: Rats & Monkeys
Incompatible: Tigers
Strained: Snakes

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