Snake Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Snake Chinese Zodiac
The halfway point in any lunar month is always important but especially so this time. The Full Moon that falls at the halfway point in the month of the Dragon can be likened to climbing to the top of a mountain and being able to then look down at the vista on the other side. Until Wednesday's Full Moon you are still climbing that mountain, unsure of what lies on the other side. Yet when you get that view, this is when a sense of excitement and anticipation could kick in. For you, the month of the Dragon is the last month in a personal 12 month lunar cycle and what lies ahead is not just the month of the Snake in two months' time but two consecutive months. This year we have a leap year with the month of the Snake set to be repeated once the first one finishes. Life may have slowed down now but there are a lot more new beginnings and opportunities ahead.

2020 - Year of the Rat
Taken as a whole, the Year of the Rat doesn’t appear to be dramatic in any way but look a little deeper and this is a year that has everything that you need and that includes a lot more stability. 2020 began with the final weeks of the Year of the Pig underway and by the time it ends, earlier than is usually the case on 24th January, as to what comes next your request will be ‘anything but the Pig’. For the Snake, the Year of the Pig was the most challenging year in a 12 year lunar cycle, for this is your opposing sign and everything about its energy is opposite to who you are. By 1st January 2020, you had spent nearly 11 months trying to live the life of a Snake, in a Pig world and the two were never going to fit. Yet, it is once the Year of the Pig ends that the rewards will start to flow in.

Where the Pig has challenged you, you will find that you rose to those challenges in ways you didn’t appreciate at the time. What were challenges in 2019, will become opportunities during the Year of the Rat. On 24th January, the Chinese New Year brings us all to the start of the Year of the Rat and while it won’t be as exciting as the Year of the Ox, which begins in February 2021, this should be a good year for money matters and for following your passions, with June and July the most potentially lucrative months. The Year of the Rat should get off to a good start professionally with February, in particular, a good month for new professional opportunities or even for launching new personal projects.

What is really going to balance the scales this year and help you take your personal power back, especially after the Year of the Pig, is that there is not one month of the Snake this year, but two. Because 2020 has 13 New Moons there is a leap month, which repeats the same lunar month twice and this time it is the month of the Snake being repeated. The first runs from 23rd April to 22nd May and the second from 22nd May to 21st June. The month of the Snake is the point in any year when you get to take your power back with two shots at that this year. This should be a confidence boost that you will continue to benefit from, for the rest of the year.

About the Snake
The Snake is sophisticated, charming and graceful. They have an uncanny innate wisdom that makes them inscrutable. They are usually concerned with their appearance. Snakes are mysterious and are often drawn to secrecy, the occult and the mystics.

They can be graceful and very beautiful but need to guard against vanity and materialism. With a very intense nature, they can also be quick to take offense and lash out. But this can be tempered with the wisdom and intelligence they can find within.

Although they have the ability to attract money, a Snake is not likely to make their gain in gambling or risky undertakings. Although sometimes stingy, they love the luxuries in life and take great pleasure in good food and elegant living. A snake would rather go without than have second best.

Snakes can be extreme creatures where no middle grounds exist. They are either highly successful or fail miserably. It is either the top or the bottom. The same goes for romantic relationships, if they can't have the "cream of the crop", they would rather remain alone. Snakes are sexually passionate and can be seemingly promiscuous, but that is merely due the secretive quality of their nature.

Compatible: Roosters & Oxen
Incompatible: Tigers, Horses, Monkeys & Pigs

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