Snake Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Snake Chinese Zodiac
While the month of the Pig will come to an end with Monday's New Moon, chances are it can't come soon enough, for there is something about the Pig that rubs you up the wrong way. While the month of the Rat, which begins on Monday's New Moon, isn't necessarily any easier, there isn't the discord you have with the Pig. The month of the Rat is always going to be the time of year when the focus shifts onto your financial situation and money matters and this year this comes with some serious clout. The Year of the Rooster is giving you an intellectually savvy edge, which combined with the Rat brings a chance to take your power back. With the month of the Rat starting on Monday, this is a chance to draw a line in the sand at the start of the week. This comes just in time to get a handle on money matters at what is often an expensive time of year.

2017 - Year of the Rooster
This is the year that you have been waiting for, with the Year of the Rooster bringing almost everything that you could ask for. To start with the Snake and the Rooster are the best of friends, with a natural affinity between the two. You know that the Rooster is going to watch your back, but also that he will keep you on your toes.

The Rooster knows your strengths and talents, so won’t let you hide in the shadows. For you the Year of the Rooster is a big year for matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative. While the Rooster asks that you take things seriously and take responsibility, he’s turning your normal priority list on its heels. If all things fun, playful, romantic and creative is something you get around to when you have time, the Rooster will ask that you make this a priority, but also that you take responsibility.

If you work in the creative fields, then this should be a successful year for showcasing your talents. Each lunar year always begins with the month of the Tiger, the most professionally focused month of any year. If you have wanted to follow your heart professionally, then the New Moon on the 28th January brings your best opportunity in 12 years. There is hardly any aspect of your life where following your heart is not important. As well as a special year for romance and all things romantic, this is also a year that could see a pregnancy or engagement. There will be plenty to celebrate this year.

With the Year of the Dog, a big year for job growth starting next February, this year could be a stepping stone. Pay extra attention to job matters in October, November and December. This is also a year where home, family and/or property matters will remain important, with a chance to build on last year’s developments.

About the Snake
The Snake is sophisticated, charming and graceful. They have an uncanny innate wisdom that makes them inscrutable. They are usually concerned with their appearance. Snakes are mysterious and are often drawn to secrecy, the occult and the mystics.

They can be graceful and very beautiful but need to guard against vanity and materialism. With a very intense nature, they can also be quick to take offense and lash out. But this can be tempered with the wisdom and intelligence they can find within.

Although they have the ability to attract money, a Snake is not likely to make their gain in gambling or risky undertakings. Although sometimes stingy, they love the luxuries in life and take great pleasure in good food and elegant living. A snake would rather go without than have second best.

Snakes can be extreme creatures where no middle grounds exist. They are either highly successful or fail miserably. It is either the top or the bottom. The same goes for romantic relationships, if they can't have the "cream of the crop", they would rather remain alone. Snakes are sexually passionate and can be seemingly promiscuous, but that is merely due the secretive quality of their nature.

Compatible: Roosters & Oxen
Incompatible: Tigers, Horses, Monkeys & Pigs

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