Snake Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Snake Chinese Zodiac
The first full week of any lunar month is full of enthusiasm and hope, with the Moon still embracing its growth or waxing phase. For the Snake, this has been especially exciting because the New Moon that welcomed in the month of the Rat, with its focus on change and transformation last weeks, also brought the month of the Pig to a close. For the Snake, the month of the Pig can be one of the more challenging months of any lunar year, when halfway between the last month of the Snake and the next and at the halfway point in this current personal 12 month lunar cycle, this can put your needs and priorities to the test. Yet it is those wakeup calls that the Rat is using as a chance to usher in a month for change and transformation.

Year of the Tiger
Feb 1, 2022 - Jan 21, 2023
While the Year of the Ox has been a year for taking responsibility and for knuckling down, for the Snake the Ox puts the focus more on the adventurous side of life’s fence, with a focus on adventure, travel, learning and discovery. When both the month and the Year of the Ox ends on 1st February, there is a chance to hold onto and embrace those twin influences by having the determination to move forward with a bucket list as you move into a very different year. For the first time in 12 years, the Chinese New Year will usher in the Year of the Tiger, with the doubling up of adventurous Ox energy that we saw in January not only replaced by the professionally charged and competitive influence of the Tiger in February but then staying under its influence through to 21st January 2023.

Apart from a Tiger Moon, which comes around every four weeks, you have not heard a lot from the Tiger but that is about to change in a big way, with the New Moon on 1st February not only ushering in the professionally charged and competitive Year of the Tiger but the month of the Tiger as well. 2022 is a year that began under the adventurous influence of the Ox but will become a year that mainly plays out under the professionally charged and competitive influence of the Tiger. This ushers in a good year for professional growth and expansion but also for anything that you can channel your competitive spirit into and that includes your personal and professional goals and ambitions. The Tiger likes change, so there could be some changes on the professional front this year.

Until the month of the Tiger ends on 2nd March, there is a chance to explore your options but also to get a feel for both this competitive influence and a desire for change that might be drawing your attention. When the month of the Tiger ends this will settle down a little and then become more about the journey, making it important to embrace a call for change but to appreciate that time is on your side. Meanwhile, your own personal 12 month lunar cycle will begin when the month of the Snake begins on 30th April. The month of the Snake will run from 30th April to 30th May, offering a chance for a more personal reset, as you not only return to your native energy but with a chance for a reset.

About the Snake
The Snake is sophisticated, charming and graceful. They have an uncanny innate wisdom that makes them inscrutable. They are usually concerned with their appearance. Snakes are mysterious and are often drawn to secrecy, the occult and the mystics.

They can be graceful and very beautiful but need to guard against vanity and materialism. With a very intense nature, they can also be quick to take offense and lash out. But this can be tempered with the wisdom and intelligence they can find within.

Although they have the ability to attract money, a Snake is not likely to make their gain in gambling or risky undertakings. Although sometimes stingy, they love the luxuries in life and take great pleasure in good food and elegant living. A snake would rather go without than have second best.

Snakes can be extreme creatures where no middle grounds exist. They are either highly successful or fail miserably. It is either the top or the bottom. The same goes for romantic relationships, if they can't have the "cream of the crop", they would rather remain alone. Snakes are sexually passionate and can be seemingly promiscuous, but that is merely due the secretive quality of their nature.

Compatible: Roosters & Oxen
Incompatible: Tigers, Horses, Monkeys & Pigs

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