Ox Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Ox Chinese Zodiac
As the busy, industrious and work focused month of the Horse moves towards its peak on Saturday's Full Moon, this is likely to be a busy week. On the job front or with whatever it is that keeps you busy and occupies your time, the Horse doesn't leave much time for idle hands. Your job is to make sure that you get the most out of this productive month in order to get as much done as possible while at the same time setting the kind of boundaries that will ensure life doesn't become all work and no play or there is no down or rest time. Meanwhile, as Saturday's Full Moon will be an Ox Moon, this will be a powerful chance to check in and get your personal bearings.

Year of the Dragon
Feb 10, 2024 - Jan 28, 2025
If there is one thing that the Ox likes it is stability and feeling grounded and the Year of the Dragon is anything but. Yet rather than disrupt the status quo, this is going to be a year where you will find that you are even more determined to hold onto the things that help you to feel grounded while exploiting the Dragon’s bold and enthusiastic way of approaching things. Helping to keep things grounded is that for the Ox, the Year of the Dragon puts the focus on things close to home, with a chance to double down on your efforts to make home, family and/or property matters a priority. However, you won’t find the Dragon with its feet up by the fire watching Netflix. Instead, he will be giving you the drive to make things happen and get things done.

A combination of the Ox’s need to feel grounded and to put down roots and the Dragon’s drive to make things happen could make this a year for making renovations, putting on an extra room to the house, buying a home or moving, something new or just getting stuck into that decluttering that you have been putting off for years. Anything that involves taking action, and feeling grounded, will be favoured in this bold and colourful year. The Ox and the Dragon are odd bedfellows, one happy to plod up and down the same field all day and the other needing to be free to fly through the sky, but with a chance for each to borrow something from the other.

You will get a full feel for the Dragon’s influence during the month of the Dragon, which will run from 9th April to 8th May. While every new lunar month begins on a New Moon, as the month of the Dragon will begin on a total solar eclipse, this indicates a time for major new beginnings, from the start of the month of the Dragon on 10th February, with two months first to explore your options and do your homework. Meanwhile, for you personally, as is always the case the best months of any year will be the month of the Snake, which this year runs from 8th May to 7th June and the month of the Rooster, which will run from 3rd September to 3rd October.

About the Ox
You are likely to be tolerant, dependable, scrupulous and hard-working. You will be happiest in your own home and have a real love of gardening and outdoor activities.

The patience of the Ox is proverbial. Calm and dependable, they like to take things slow and steady, including romantic relationships. Oxen are not likely to flaunt open declarations of love, for their passions are not easily roused. Love grows over long periods of time, but once cultivated, is not likely to diminish.

They have a strong sense of traditionalism and can be at times, extremely conservative. They are generally dogmatic and tend to resist change. They prefer to do things how they have always done it, although an Ox is industrious and always finishes a task that has been started. They are especially tireless if it helps they loved ones.

Despite they stubbornness and occasional dictatorial behavior, Oxen are generally honest and loyal creatures.

Compatible: Snakes & Roosters
Incompatible: Goats
Strained: Dogs & Tigers

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