Horse Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Horse Chinese Zodiac
While the busy month of the Pig came to an end on last Friday's New Moon, chances are you're just as busy, as you move into the final weeks of this professional year. With the Year of the Pig beginning in February and 2019 due to be an expansive year for job growth, find a balance between keeping the wheels turning, while pacing yourself. In the meantime, the first full week of the month of the Rat has turned the focus onto your relationships. This can be a challenging month, for the Horse and Rat are not the best of friends. The Rat tends to rub you up the wrong way and it is an energy that you don't naturally have a fit with. This can come across as relationship challenges, making it important not to sweat the small stuff or create challenges where there are none. Often when it appears that others are pushing your buttons it is just the Rat. This makes it important to keep the communication lines open.

2018 - Year of the Dog
This is the year that you have been waiting for and not just because the Dog and the Horse are the best of friends. The 12 Chinese Signs are divided into what is known as the ‘triangle of affinity’ and one that you belong to is a triangle of affinity that includes the Horse, the Dog and the Tiger. Life just operates better during either the month or the Year of the Dog or the Tiger, both the Horse’s best friend.

This year you hit the jackpot, with the New Moon that kicks off the Year of the Dog on the 17th February, also kicking off the month of the Tiger. Every new lunar year begins with the month of the Tiger, but it is only once every 12 years that the year this kicks off is the Year of the Dog. The fun and playful Dog is here until February 2019, promising a good year for matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative. For the Horse, the month of the Tiger is always an adventurous month and with the Dog and Tiger arriving on the same day, this could turn your world around. This is still likely to be a busy year and in fact, there is the potential for a lot of job growth. However, the Dog will be making sure from the get go that you have a balance between work and play. The adventurous month of the Tiger runs from the 17th February to the 18th March, with a chance to really have fun with this.

This is also an important year for your financial situation and money matters, especially when it comes to approaching money matters in a diligent way. While the Dog will remain your playful friend all year, he can also help you stick to the things that are important. If you have made financial resolutions in the past but never managed to stick to them, you will find this a lot easier during the Year of the Dog. It helps that this should also be a lucrative year, especially July and August.

About the Horse
The Horse is high-spirited, confident and energetic. They have an adventurous streak and love to travel. They regard personal freedom with such great importance that at times it causes them to be candidly selfish in pursuit of it. Horses generally have a positive outlook on life.

They are temperamental and are prone to erratic behavior. Their unpredictability makes them simultaneously exciting and exasperating lovers. Horses fall in and out of love easily and are likely to change mates frequently.

Horses are friendly and need people around them. This shouldn't be a problem as they are open-minded, witty and animated. So usually they are popular and can be really attractive. They like to stand out in a crowd and can be rather impatient.

Cheerful and sociable, Horses are well-loved by friends. They are generous to a fault. Their uncanny ability to make spot on decisions in situations that lack evidence or substantial facts endows them with the potential for success in business.

Compatible: Tigers, Goats & Dogs
Incompatible: Rats
Difficult: Snakes & Rabbits

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