Rat Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Rat Chinese Zodiac
This is it, the week that you have been waiting for all year. Any lunar month always begins and ends on a New Moon, but last Friday's New Moon was special and had your name all over it. For this has ushered in the month of the Rat and with it a chance to finally march to the beat of your own drum, embrace your truth and open new doors. With the month of the Rat not running its course until a solar eclipse in the New Year, you will be under its influence for the rest of this year. This allows you to bring 2018 to an end on your terms. Having had a chance to reflect over the previous four weeks, you will find you have a lot more energy and enthusiasm this week, ready to try new things, begin new quests or to just throw yourself into life again. If you've been asleep at the wheel, the Rat has returned to change that.

2018 - Year of the Dog
While the Dog is not part of the ‘triangle of affinity’ that the Rat belongs to, this is likely to be a stunning year for you, mainly because it is so tailored to you. It also helps that the Signs in your triangle of affinity – the Dragon, Monkey and Rat, are all having a good year as well. Yet it is the Rat that will do the best because this is the kind of Year that you love.

The Rat is a social creature, always operating best when you’re with company and you have friendship, companionship and camaraderie around you. It is said that the Rat’s home is where you’ll always find the party, for they love to socialise, but in reality, the party is wherever you find the Rat. What makes the Year of the Dog so appealing to you, is that this is a social year. The Year of the Dog is a great big, friendly puppy dog of a year. The Dog is an unusual energy in that it loves to please. Just think of a loveable family pet, who brings your slippers and yearns to be of use. The Dog will tailor that support to what each Sign needs and for you, he is tailoring this towards your social lifetime, teamwork and camaraderie. This is not just a good year for personal and professional networking, it is a fun year as well.

There is also a chance to make important new friendships and alliances or to strengthen those that you already have. It will be important to feel part of a team or a tribe. Because all those born in the Year of the Dog are being influenced by this, you are likely to be drawn to others born in the same year and they to you. Dogs of the world unite. This is also a year when you’ll find it a lot easier to relax and unwind, especially after a busy day. For this is likely to be a busy year, with unexpected developments on the job front from May onwards. The month of the Snake, always the best month of any year for work and job matters, will trigger something that will continue long after it has run its course, which it will from the 14th June to the 13th July. This will add to what is already destined to be a lucrative year.

About the Rat
Rats are always honest, and they are observant and curious. They are energetic, talkative and others can find them witty and charming. However ambition can make Rats ruthless and aggressive. They may find it hard to save, as they like to spend the money they earn and enjoy a good life.

The Rat is intelligent, charming, social and likeable. They are extremely good with money and are often thrifty. Although at times they can be economical to the extent of miserliness. Rats will spend lavishly under 3 circumstances: when they are in love, to further their long-term or career goals, and on collectibles if they are collectors. Rats are collectors by nature.

They are hard-working, innovative and full of ideas. Rats are almost always ambitious. Combined with the knowing of how to take advantage or make the best out of a situation, they are often successful at getting what they want out of life.

Rats are good at hiding their emotions, which often leads other to perceive their cool exteriors as those that are not easily roused. They sometimes have difficulties communicating their feelings. People born under this animal sign are frequently nocturnal.

Compatible: Dragons & Monkeys
Incompatible: Horses

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