Dragon Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Dragon Chinese Zodiac
Timing is everything and that is definitely the case with the start of the month of the Rat, late last week. For as this is just the first full month of this adventurous lunar month, it means that it will remain in effect for the rest of the year and more importantly, over the Christmas, New Year and the holiday period. As well as creating an adventurous end to the year and a chance to already get into holiday mode, it means that the busy and more professionally focused month of the Ox won't start until the New Year. As this will start on a solar eclipse, when things do start to move professionally in the New Year, it is likely to be in a fairly dramatic way. Yet for the Dragon, the month of the Rat is not just an adventurous month, but a month when life in general feels more supported. For the Rat and Dragon are the best of friends.

2018 - Year of the Dog
For the Dragon, the Year of the Dog can be a challenging year, for you are opposite Signs of the Chinese Zodiac. Yet the Dog keeps you on your toes and comes packed with the support needed to turn this into a year where there can be a lot of personal and relationship growth.

Every new lunar year begins with the month of the Tiger and the Dog and the Tiger are the best of friends. This means the year is going to get off to a friendly start, creating the potential from the get go to make this an important year for personal and professional networking, friendship and relationship building. For the Dragon, the Year of the Dog is all about relationship building, which is why it can be challenging, for it is no longer just about your own needs. At the same time, for the Dragon, the month of the Tiger is a social month that is all about friendship and connecting. Once every 12 years, the Year of the Dog starts on the same New Moon, with the Dog and Tiger able to come together to make the first month anyway, an important chance to spend time on friendship and relationship building.

Another important month will be the month of the Horse, which runs from the 14th June to the 13th July. For the Dragon, this is also a good month for communication and during the Year of the Dog, communication is everything. This should also be a good year for money matters, with the potential for some real financial growth. Especially if you take on the Dog’s loyalty and tenacity, setting financial goals and then sticking to them. This should also be a solid and stable professional year, with slow and steady the way to approach this professional year. Expect the Dog to keep you on your toes all year, but this will bring the best out in you, in all that you do.

About the Dragon
Seen as the symbol of the Emperor in Ancient China, the Dragon is charismatic, enthusiastic and imaginative. They are often dramatic and love to be the center of attention. Dragons have the ability to inspire others.

They are powerful and dominating and like to take the lead. On one hand they make helpful and considerate friends, on the other, they are idealistic and are prone to impose high standards on others. Dragons are dangerous in enmity.

As a dragon, you will have quite a complicated life and you may be considered an eccentric. Blessed with good health, you will have a passionate nature. You can also be dominant and short-tempered as well as ambitious and hard-working. You'll be best off if you avoid marriage until your later years

They are usually successful in careers. They have a tendency to be over-confident and arrogant. The Dragon is a prosperous sign but they often spend money as fast as they make it.

There is an element of the loner in every dragon. Paradoxically, young Dragons have a strong yearning for partnership and tend to marry young.

Compatible: Rats & Monkeys
Incompatible: Dogs
Moderately Well: Horses & Goats

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