Dragon Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Dragon Chinese Zodiac
For the Dragon, the busy, industrious and work focused month of the Rooster can be the busiest month of any lunar year, but it is in the lead up to Friday's Full Moon that you could be run off your feet. There is an ancient saying that the Rooster will get up at the crack of dawn in order to crow to the Sun, believing that if it didn't the Sun wouldn't rise. The Rooster also likes to keep a well run barnyard and as the Moon moves towards its peak potency this will be in full effect. You might not be into getting up at the crack of dawn, but you will be working to cram as much into your day as possible. Just make sure a rush mentality doesn't have you running around like a headless chicken.

Year of the Rabbit
Jan 22, 2023 - Feb 9, 2024
2023 got off to a busy and vibrant start, with a rush to pack as much into the final weeks of the social and serendipitous Year of the Tiger as possible. For the Dragon, the Year of the Tiger has been about making connections, with the focus on your social life, friendships, teamwork and networking. It is not just the Year of the Tiger that will end on 21st January but the competitive and professionally charged month of the Ox, something that got the year off to a busy start. Chances are, 2022 has been a busy and for some a stressful year and by the time we moved into 2023, there were bound to be plenty of Dragons running on empty.

If you are wondering if 2023 is going to be more of the same, the short answer is no. For a Dragon, who likes to be on the go and prefers excitement and action over doing nothing, the quieter and more relaxed realms of the Rabbit might not sound like fun, but it is just what the doctor has ordered. It is on 21st January that the Year of the Rabbit begins, not only bringing its more relaxed, calm and peaceful vibe to the world but in the process bringing you to the final year in your current personal 12 year lunar cycle. On 9th February 2024, the Year of the Dragon will begin and with it a brand new cycle, but with doors to close and a lot to complete before then.

This won’t be immediately apparent, with the month of the Tiger running from 21st January to 20th February, with a chance to squeeze as much as you can from the Year of the Tiger before fully committing to the Year of the Rabbit, a particularly long year, running through to 9th February 2024. With 13 lunar months, we have a leap month this year and it will be the month of the Rabbit, which will run from 20th February to 20th March and then repeat from 21st March to 20th April. These are likely to be the most restful and stress reducing months of the year. While the nostalgic and reflective Year of the Rabbit will continue, the month of the Dragon, which will run from 20th April to 19th May, will get the adrenaline pumping again.

About the Dragon
Seen as the symbol of the Emperor in Ancient China, the Dragon is charismatic, enthusiastic and imaginative. They are often dramatic and love to be the center of attention. Dragons have the ability to inspire others.

They are powerful and dominating and like to take the lead. On one hand they make helpful and considerate friends, on the other, they are idealistic and are prone to impose high standards on others. Dragons are dangerous in enmity.

As a dragon, you will have quite a complicated life and you may be considered an eccentric. Blessed with good health, you will have a passionate nature. You can also be dominant and short-tempered as well as ambitious and hard-working. You'll be best off if you avoid marriage until your later years

They are usually successful in careers. They have a tendency to be over-confident and arrogant. The Dragon is a prosperous sign but they often spend money as fast as they make it.

There is an element of the loner in every dragon. Paradoxically, young Dragons have a strong yearning for partnership and tend to marry young.

Compatible: Rats & Monkeys
Incompatible: Dogs
Moderately Well: Horses & Goats

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