Rooster Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Rooster Chinese Zodiac
The lead up to Thursday's Full Moon brings us to the very heart of the month of the Rat and its focus on home, family and/or property matters. This is the point in any lunar year when the focus is on things close to home but this year there is a difference. With the Year of the Rat beginning next month and until February 2021 opening the door to an expansive and opportune year for home, family and/or property matters, this also allows you to look to the long term. The month of the Rat is more a chance to focus on all things domestic, taking care of housekeeping and the more mundane aspects of home and family life and matters. With the Year of the Rat just around the corner, this is a chance to explore longer term and much bigger goals and ambitions. This allows you to stay in the moment and look to the future.

2019 - Year of the Pig
For the Rooster, the Year of the Pig is always an important and interesting year and this is not a code for challenging. Every lunar year not only brings a different influence into play, and a different relationship between the Rooster and the animal governing the year, but to a new stage in your current 12 year lunar cycle.

It was just under a year ago that the Year of the Rooster ended. Most people find their native year challenging, because while this is a time of new beginnings, the Rooster can push you around in order to line you up for a future it knows lies ahead. It is usually, only by looking back that we can see that what we saw as challenges, were in fact opportunities. When the Year of the Rooster ended and the Year of the Dog began, this was a chance to start nurturing the seeds sown, and as the Dog always boosts your confidence, to start getting a feel for what has taken on new life.

By the time the Year of the Dog comes to an end on 5th February you should have a better sense of perspective. After a year, most of the challenges during the Year of the Rooster, from January 2017 to February 2018, will have revealed themselves as stepping stones or valuable blocks that have diverted things in what you can now see is the right direction. As you move into the Year of the Pig you have a much better perspective and you are ready now to make more concrete plans.

The Rooster and the Pig have a similar energy in that they are both smart, articulate and like things they can get their head around. This is a year when communication becomes both easier and more important and a year when you can start making more strategic plans and decisions. You will experience the advantage this brings when the month of the Rabbit begins on 7th March, a month that puts the focus on your relationships. The Rabbit and the Pig are the best of friends, with a chance to unleash the Pig's yearlong ability to support the communication lines on the relationship front.

About the Rooster
A Rooster is brave, funny and witty. Entertaining and performing puts them in the center of attention, which is exactly where they enjoy being. They can be picky, vain and critical.

Roosters can be really eccentric and sometimes may seem selfish in their way of life. They are devoted to work and lifelong learning. Confident, motivated people, they may sometimes come across as pompous. While they can be brutally honest, they are also loyal and trustworthy.

Roosters are intelligent creatures that are reliable and self-efficient. They are good with money and sometimes manage other people's money better than their own. Punctual people with highly-disciplined minds, Roosters boast excellence at organizing people and things. They also love to be praised for it.

They are prone to changeable mood surges that leave them either extremely happy or very miserable. Similarly with their opinions and personal relationships, Roosters have no place for apathy in their lives. They either like or dislike intensely.

Compatible: Oxen & Snakes
Incompatible: Rabbits
Strained: Monkeys & Dogs

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