Rooster Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Rooster Chinese Zodiac
The first full week of the month of the Rat has brought the focus onto home, family and/or property matters, where it will stay for the rest of this year, including over Christmas, New Year and the holiday period. For the Rooster, the month of the Rat will always put the focus on things close to home, but it doesn't always necessarily remain in play through the New Year. In the meantime, while the month of the Pig and its focus on communication ended on last Friday's New Moon, this will not only remain a priority but becoming increasingly important. With the Year of the Pig starting in February, reflect back over the last four weeks to where you may have been inspired to write, reach out or communicate through any format. For there you will find clues to next year's opportunities.

2018 - Year of the Dog
The eclipsing New Moon that ushers in the Year of the Dog on the 17th February, is the same New Moon that will also bring the Year of the Rooster to an end and that can come as a relief. While the Year of the Rooster was a year for major new beginnings, this can also create pressure, as there is a need to follow your personal truth.

The Year of the Dog is always going to be a good year for you because this is when a lot of the seeds planted during the Year of the Rooster start to bloom. You are likely to find that a lot of things start coming together and also settle down. The Year of the Rooster is a big year, it is not unusual to move house, start a new job or begin other major journeys. All that solidifies during the Year of the Dog. This is also a potentially lucrative year and especially so when you encounter the months of the Tiger and Horse. The Dog, Tiger and Horse belong to the same triangle of affinity and that’s when you’re likely to see the Dog’s lucrative tendencies on display. Every new lunar year starts on the month of the Tiger, a month that for the Rooster will always put the focus on work and job matters.

As the Dog is a lucrative year, this gets the year off to a good start on both the income and job fronts. Another important month will be the month of the Horse, from the 14th June to the 13th July, with its focus on all things career and professionally related. Falling during the Year of the Dog, this is likely to be a lucrative time as well. In the meantime, this is an important year for home and family matters and also for communication. At work, home and in your relationships your connections with others and ability to communicate will be important. The Rooster needs to communicate and the Dog loves to help, so will help you out as much as possible.

About the Rooster
A Rooster is brave, funny and witty. Entertaining and performing puts them in the center of attention, which is exactly where they enjoy being. They can be picky, vain and critical.

Roosters can be really eccentric and sometimes may seem selfish in their way of life. They are devoted to work and lifelong learning. Confident, motivated people, they may sometimes come across as pompous. While they can be brutally honest, they are also loyal and trustworthy.

Roosters are intelligent creatures that are reliable and self-efficient. They are good with money and sometimes manage other people's money better than their own. Punctual people with highly-disciplined minds, Roosters boast excellence at organizing people and things. They also love to be praised for it.

They are prone to changeable mood surges that leave them either extremely happy or very miserable. Similarly with their opinions and personal relationships, Roosters have no place for apathy in their lives. They either like or dislike intensely.

Compatible: Oxen & Snakes
Incompatible: Rabbits
Strained: Monkeys & Dogs

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