Pig Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Pig Chinese Zodiac
When the month of the Pig ran its course last Tuesday, this brought the foundation month of your new personal 12 month lunar cycle to a close, while bringing you to the point where the real journey begins. It is now, in the first full week of the month of the Rat that there is a chance to start taking the first steps towards turning intentions and resolutions into reality, especially with the Moon still in its waxing or growth phase. While the month of the Rat can be a lucrative month, its real impact comes from its ability to boost your confidence and a belief in yourself, giving you the courage to take bold new steps into the future.

Year of the Tiger
Feb 1, 2022 - Jan 21, 2023
With both the month and the Year of the Ox ending on 1st February, this will create a significant shift but one that you can approach with a head start. For while the Chinese New Year will usher in a whole new experience, this not only brings you to the end of the Year of the Ox but the month of the Ox as well. This means that you will begin the Year of the Tiger benefiting from the Ox’s focus on open communication lines, an ability to think on your feet or to make smart choices, decisions and plans. However, while the New Moon on 1st February will bring us to the Chinese New Year and end the end of both the month and the Year of the Ox, its influence will live on. It is then that you will once again experience a doubling effect, for while every lunar year ends on the month of the Ox it also begins on the month of the Tiger.

For the Pig, the Tiger puts the focus on things close to home but for the first time in 12 years, this also brings us to the start of the Year of the Tiger. In the same way that the month of the Tiger always follows on from the month of the Ox, so too does the Year of the Tiger from the Year of the Ox. While the month of the Tiger will run its course on 2nd March, the Year of the Tiger will continue through to 23rd January 2023, putting the focus on home, family and/or property matters throughout that time. However, it is in February that this will be most potent and especially during the month of the Tiger, which runs from 1st February to 2nd March.

The Tiger likes change and this might see some changes on the home front this year, to the make up of your family or just a lifestyle change. The Tiger also likes freedom, creating a desire for the freedom to choose how and where you live. Meanwhile, one of the most important months of any lunar year is the month of the Pig, something that is more than just a chance to return to your native energy. The month of the Pig will bring you to the start of a new personal 12 month lunar cycle, making 25th October to 23rd November some of the most important weeks of the year for a reset, as you realign with your personal truth.

About the Pig
The Pig is self-sacrificing, sincere and merry. They may come across cynical and brash in the beginning, but underneath the tough exterior is a perfectly softhearted and decent soul.

A Pig is noble and strong. They make great friends, although not always easy friends. Pigs expect their own generosity to be reciprocated equally by friends or they may quickly end the relationship. They also possess a reckless streak that can make them difficult to handle.

Pigs are noble and chivalrous people who are compassionate, diligent, generous, and fun to be with. They maintain lifelong friendships, yet even if they marry someone from their ideal partners, the relationships are likely to be rocky.

Despite the fact that they are good-humored, sociable and cheerful, tact is not one of the Pig's best virtues. They do not fare well in diplomatic careers. A Pig's emotional temperature is easily raised. They have strong sexual desires and physical love is very important to them. Pigs make loyal and loving partners.

Compatible: Horses & Tigers
Incompatible: Dragons
Difficult: Rooster

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