Tiger Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Tiger Chinese Zodiac
If there is one month that you don't want to end it is the month of the Horse. Yet as you move into the last full week of the month of the Horse, it is with the awareness that all good things must end. Yet as the month of the Horse doesn't end until next Wednesday's eclipsing New Moon, there is still plenty of time to embrace the Horse's playful energy and also bottle some of it, in order to guard against life becoming all work and no play. For when the playful month of the Horse ends, next week's eclipsing New Moon will usher in the busy month of the Goat. For the Tiger, the month of the Horse is not just the most fun, playful, romantic and creative month of any lunar year. The Tiger and Horse are the best of friends and he will always give you permission to come out and play. This is a chance to guard against life becoming all work and no play.

2019 - Year of the Pig
For the Tiger, the contrast between the Year of the Dog and the Year of the Pig is quite extreme, but it is one that you are ready for and can bring a real surge in excitement. The Tiger and the Dog are the best of friends, so he has gone easy on you over the last 12 months. In addition, the Year of the Dog is an adventurous year and whether you took advantage of or a chance to focus on adventure, travel, learning and discovery or not, life was your classroom.

The Pig has a very different focus, with the focus shifting to your professional game and to all things competitive and this is what makes it exciting. When life is too easy we can become unmotivated and it might be that you are ready for a challenge. The difference between the kind of challenges the Pig promotes and other challenges, is that these are of your own choosing. You might challenge yourself with new personal and professional goals and ambitions, with the Pig's competitive influence allowing you to stay committed.

For the Tiger, the Pig can be a successful professional year, attracting opportunities across the income, work and career fronts. Yet it is less that things land in your lap and more the thrill of having a goal and the triumphant feeling you get when you achieve it. This can become addictive. This also brings you to the start of the final three years of your current 12 year lunar cycle.

Each 12 year lunar cycle is divided into four three year seasons, with the Year of the Pig, Rat and Tiger defining this final season for you. While the next Year of the Tiger is still three years away, the current cycle has now reached a point where it is time to start bringing things home.

The Pig, being the first of this final three year season, is charged with fuelling the competitive spirit and drive needed to start bringing things home. For that reason, many of the things you may feel competitive about or the personal and professional goals and ambitions you go after, could be those that you have been working towards already, rather than anything new.

About the Tiger
The Tiger is warm, loving and dynamic. One is never bored in the company of a Tiger. They are independent and unpredictable. Tigers can sometimes be selfish in pursuit of fun for they are susceptible to being captured by sudden enthusiasm, causing them to alienate their friends. But they generally have great sympathies and understanding for others.

Tigers are aggressive and need to control their tempers. They always tell it like it is, but they are also intelligent and sensitive, so will be full of remorse if they upset you. Tigers are protective of their families and peers and often show great courage.

Tigers are brave and powerful. At times, they take risks to the point of recklessness. They can make hasty decisions without thinking of the possible consequences. Nevertheless, Tigers are natural born leaders and are often successful in money and career matters. But they do have a propensity to see-saw in triumphs and failures because of their rash behaviour.

In love, Tigers are highly emotional. They have a strong sex drive touched with good dose of sensuality. More likely to "sow wild oats" in they younger days than other signs, they do become more placid with age.

Compatible: Dogs & Horses
Incompatible: Monkeys
Satisfactory: Boars & Dragons

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