Tiger Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Tiger Chinese Zodiac
Knowing that for the Tiger, the month of the Monkey will be the most potentially challenging month of any lunar year, that it will come to an end on Thursday's New Moon is good news. The Tiger and the Monkey are opposing signs and this is the one month out of every lunar year when it can feel like you are forever trying to fit round pegs into square holes. This can feel challenging and because the Tiger also puts the focus on your relationships, it can amplify any relationship issues. A Monkey Moon on Monday and Tuesday might exacerbate this, but only in order to make the final days count. It is Thursday's New Moon that will bring the month of the Monkey to a close and usher in the month of the Rooster, a month that gives you a chance to get on top of your financial situation and money matters. A Rooster Moon begins on Wednesday, allowing you to go into this with your financial instincts and imagination fuelled from the get go.

2020 - Year of the Rat
2020 began on a professional wave that has been building for close to a year by the time you moved into the New Year, with the tail end of the Year of the Pig playing out. For the Tiger, the Year of the Pig is the most competitive and professionally charged year in a 12 year cycle and while it will come to an end on 24th January, it will have created enough momentum by then to carry you through the rest of 2020. This could have lucrative implications fairly early in the year. For the Tiger, the most lucrative month of any year is the month of the Rabbit, which this year runs from 23rd February to 24th March.

Beginning just after the Year of the Pig ends, there will be a lot more professional momentum than you would normally expect at this time of year. In the meantime, any new lunar year always begins with the month of the Tiger, so when the Year of the Rat begins on 24th January, this is something you will get an early feel for and most likely, will like what you see. For the Tiger, the Rat is a social and serendipitous energy and while the month of the Rat comes around once a year and is the most socially active and charged month of any year, this will be in effect for the rest of the year.

This makes 2020 and important year for friendship, teamwork and for personal, professional and social networking in general. By its very nature the Tiger is a social creature and the Rat speaks to your humanitarian and the community minded side of your nature. While every year will go through its normal seasons, with work and job matters bringing a chance to pick up on where the Pig left off in July and August, while the latter part of June and the first three weeks of July are especially good for matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative. However, it is home, family and/or property matters that get an unexpected boost this year. With 13 New Moons during the Year of the Rat there will be a leap month or a lunar month that is repeated. This time, the first leap month since 2017 is the month of the Snake, which for the Tiger puts the focus on home and family matters. The first month of the Snake runs from 23rd April to 22nd May, only to start again from 22nd May to 21st June. Where you will normally only have four weeks to focus on home and family matters, which apart from the Rat’s yearlong focus on your social life and matters all the other areas of your life will get, on the home front you will have eight weeks.

About the Tiger
The Tiger is warm, loving and dynamic. One is never bored in the company of a Tiger. They are independent and unpredictable. Tigers can sometimes be selfish in pursuit of fun for they are susceptible to being captured by sudden enthusiasm, causing them to alienate their friends. But they generally have great sympathies and understanding for others.

Tigers are aggressive and need to control their tempers. They always tell it like it is, but they are also intelligent and sensitive, so will be full of remorse if they upset you. Tigers are protective of their families and peers and often show great courage.

Tigers are brave and powerful. At times, they take risks to the point of recklessness. They can make hasty decisions without thinking of the possible consequences. Nevertheless, Tigers are natural born leaders and are often successful in money and career matters. But they do have a propensity to see-saw in triumphs and failures because of their rash behaviour.

In love, Tigers are highly emotional. They have a strong sex drive touched with good dose of sensuality. More likely to "sow wild oats" in they younger days than other signs, they do become more placid with age.

Compatible: Dogs & Horses
Incompatible: Monkeys
Satisfactory: Boars & Dragons

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