Tiger Chinese Zodiac Horoscope

Tiger Chinese Zodiac
There is likely to be a growing sense of anticipation this week that hasn't been there before and it is all because of Monday's Full Moon. In the short term, this busy and industrious Goat Moon will get the new working week off to a good start and there could be positive implications from this across the income, work and career fronts. More personally significant is that this is the Full Moon that marks the halfway point of the nostalgic and reflective month of the Ox, with a clear view now towards its end in two weeks. This also puts the month and the Year of the Tiger into view, with both now just two weeks away.

Year of the Ox
Feb 12, 2021 - Jan 31, 2022
The contrast between the social and serendipitous Year of the Rat, which ends on 12th February and the more nostalgic and reflective Year of the Ox is one of the more extreme shifts in a 12 year lunar cycle but it is one that you are usually more than ready for. As we moved into 2021 the Year of the Rat was still underway and with its focus on being a team player going for 13 months by the time it ends, for a Tiger that likes to do things its own way, you might be over this. The Year of the Rat has been a particularly long year, with 13 New Moons creating 13 rather than the usual 12 lunar months and creating the need for a leap month in 2020. If you are over Zoom meetings and wanting to become more of the free spirit that you were born to be, then you are ready to welcome the Year of the Ox, a year that will largely leave you alone.

Even for the Tiger, which gets a buzz out of being socially connected this might be starting to wear thin. While the month of the Ox, which began on 13th January offered some respite, the difference is that when the month of the Ox ends on 12th February the Year of the Ox will begin and with it the beginning of the 12 month wind down of your current personal 12 year lunar cycle. This is when the job of closing old doors in order to prepare for the Year of the Tiger and the major new doors this will open in 2022, begins. This is similar to the month of the Ox, which was the four week wind down of your old personal 12 month lunar cycle, except in a broader and less urgent or intense way.

The month of the Ox asked that you spend more time navel gazing, taking time out to recharge your batteries and to hear yourself think. For four weeks you can carve off more time for yourself and find time to reflect and even isolate. To do that for the next 12 months is a different story and the Ox doesn’t ask that you do. The Year of the Ox is more about completion, closure and bringing home the intentions and plans made during the last Year of the Tiger, from February 2010 to February 2011. This is the start of the 12 month preparation for the Year of the Tiger and the major new doors this will open in 2022.

About the Tiger
The Tiger is warm, loving and dynamic. One is never bored in the company of a Tiger. They are independent and unpredictable. Tigers can sometimes be selfish in pursuit of fun for they are susceptible to being captured by sudden enthusiasm, causing them to alienate their friends. But they generally have great sympathies and understanding for others.

Tigers are aggressive and need to control their tempers. They always tell it like it is, but they are also intelligent and sensitive, so will be full of remorse if they upset you. Tigers are protective of their families and peers and often show great courage.

Tigers are brave and powerful. At times, they take risks to the point of recklessness. They can make hasty decisions without thinking of the possible consequences. Nevertheless, Tigers are natural born leaders and are often successful in money and career matters. But they do have a propensity to see-saw in triumphs and failures because of their rash behaviour.

In love, Tigers are highly emotional. They have a strong sex drive touched with good dose of sensuality. More likely to "sow wild oats" in they younger days than other signs, they do become more placid with age.

Compatible: Dogs & Horses
Incompatible: Monkeys
Satisfactory: Boars & Dragons

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